Local Activities


A unique daily cruise in the Mount Athos is a relaxing boat trip from the port of Ormos Panagias, a small village 1 km far away from Maistrali apartments. You can take the ship at 09:30 and covering a relaxing way to reach the south-eastern side of Mount Athos. Ship goes near to the coast, so passengers can enjoy the wοnderful view of the monasteries. During the route, guide gives information in different languages about each monastery and monastic life. In Ouranoupolis, the ship carries two hours lunch break, where guests can swim and take a lunch in taverns of the area. After the lunch, the ship returns to Ormos Panagias at 16:30. You can take tickets from the port.

You can also take small boats (8-12 persons) in daily cruise το Diaporos, an island with natural beauty, trees touching the waves of the sea, pristine blue waters and unique picturesque bays. Owners care about drink, food and snacks during the ship goes near to Vourvourou in small beaches that guest can enjoy sun and swimming.

Rent a boat

Discover the secret paradise of Sithonia hiding the small islands around Ormos Panagias and Vourvrourou and feel the harmony of nature in unique landscapes each with its own flavor and smell. You can rent boats for 2-10 people at affordable prices. The boat ride lasts from morning (around 10:00 ) until the afternoon (around 19:00)

Ktima ippoliti

Only 1,7 km from Maistrali Apartments an ideal place for young and older visitors who love recreational and sports horse riding. There is a snack bar and playground and surrounded by a forest in protected area Natura.

Scuba Diving

A center that provides the most complete diving service in the region. There are activities for children and beginners, recreational and technical diving courses, snorkeling, boat diving (Kelyfos Island), gear maintenance, consulting and high quality gear shop.

The diving season starts on 1st of May and ends late November. The shop is opened every day (no day off) from 9:00 to 21:00. Belongs to PADI, the world’s biggest diving organization. The highly qualified and experienced instructors of the diving centre are able to communicate in many languages to make your diving experience enjoyable and safe. Most of the diving spots in Sithonia consist of caves, walls, reefs, and rock formations. There are also some wrecks. The biodiversity consists of colorful sponges, nudibranch, giant clams, different varieties of fish, and octopus.

Hiking- Cycling routes

The mountain range of Itamos is the biggest one in Sithonia. The mountain is covered with a great variety of coniferous trees. In the central forest zone, close to the mountain top, there are some rare old trees, like Itamos, (the tree dates to at least 2,000 years old) a protected natural monument the mountain was named after this. The forest has a unique flora and fauna variety and offers special trails ideal for hiking and biking, as there are forest roads with many signs. Some of the trails are marked with a “triton” (Neptune’s fork), which are marked on the trees or painted on rocks. From the top one has a magnificent view over Sithonia, Kassandra and Mt Athos. Every autumn the last 11 years organized by the Cultural Association “Parthenon”, the Municipal utilities Sithonia, under the auspices of the Municipality of Sithonia hiking, cycling and riding routes (Passage Dragounteli) with cultural events in the end of route.

Toroneos Gulf Crossing

This is one of the leading sports and cultural events in Greece and is an excellent opportunity to visit Sithonia. Every July, for more than 40 years professional and amateur swimmers from all over the world, taking part in the event and dive Toroneos Bay, off the coast of Kallithea Kassandra and swim after 26 km reaching the coast of Nikiti, where hot qualifying host. Swimmers accompanying vessels with escorts who animate them. The International Swimming crossing of Gulf Toroneos surrounded by rich cultural events and a benchmark for the summer in Halkidiki. Responsible for organizing the event are the Cultural and Company Youth Champion “The Sithon” and Benefit Municipal Sithonia under the auspices of the Municipality of Sithonia.

Regatta Diaporos

The last 3 years the Nautical Association of Ormos Panagias organizes the Regatta of Diaporos at the sea area of Siggitikos between islands Diaporos and Amouliani.In the event involve offshore boats from Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Canada and New Zealand. Besides the regattas includes events, music events and competitions. The first series of race events take place on the last weekend of August and feature different races from windsurfing to canoes. The large craft series begins on the first weekend of September. The race consist of larger sailboats that sailing to Pirgadakia and back. After the competition becomes a great celebration in Ormos Panagias where the prize is awarded to the winner and the town coming alive in celebration!