Ormos Panagias Sithonia

Ormos Panagias is a focal point for the beaches of Sithonia, as it is close to both sides of the foot. It is 3 km from Agios Nikolaos and 7 km from Nikiki and Vourvourou. Around the complex you can find a bakery, butcher shop, grocery store, gas station, fresh fish market, convenience store, folklore, cafe, patisserie, restaurants. Local products such as olives, olive oil, goat cheese, jams, honey, wine, tsipouro, are some of the authentic and traditional flavors to taste.

Every year on 26 of July, Agios Nikolaos organize a three-day cultural event to honor S. Paraskevi. The church that located in the center of the village is full of visitors attending religious and cultural events. Every night in the square of village take place a traditional feast with local or foreign orchestras. An opportunity for fun and stroll the narrow streets of the village and acquaintance with the manners and customs of the place.